MSA Malaysian Media Awards 2017 - FAQs

Answer: All entries must be acknowledged and approved by the client with a sign off on the hardcopy submission form. This sign off can come in the form of a physical signature on the hardcopy submission form or a letter/e-mail acknowledgment that should be attached to the hardcopy submission form.
Answer: The form for the client's sign off is the same entry form that you will be submitting (there is a space for your client's signature at the bottom). Similar to last year, the entry form is available online on the Awards website. Once you submit the entry online, just print out a hardcopy for your client to sign off on. There will be a print function on the form for you to do so.
Answer: Yes, you will have to register for a new account. Similar to last year, each agency will share one account.
Answer: Yes, multiple people from the same agency can upload entries at the same time using the same username. The number of concurrent log-ins is not limited.
Answer: Yes we still accept however, results will have to be based until end Dec 2016.
Answer: As per our rule the campaign execution needs to be first time implemented for that brand. So if the only change you have for your 2nd season of the branded content is the programme title, it may be kick out. Only way it would be possible to accept this for the 2nd year is that your entry (execution part) will focus on the new element of the campaign. Repeating execution details as per your last year’s submission will be disqualified.